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If you ask anyone who knows me well, they'd tell you I majored in Arts & Crafts and honestly it fits me exactly. I love design and art  and I feel like I'm never not creating something. I have a Corgi named Ash (yes, just like Ash Ketchem) and Daisy (yes, after Princess Daisy from Mario). I love a good comedy show, a high quality true crime/paranormal podcast, yoga & dance.


I have worked at agencies, small local business and larger companies as an in-house designer.  I have worked primarily as a digital designer, but I've had lots of experience outside the web. I've taken UX design classes online and continue to build my portfolio in any way I can.


I am a web/digital designer currently working on marketing  design as well as web assets for SmartPak. I also work on projects from trade show signs and brochures to apparel and patterns. I like to say I'm a Jack-of-many-trades; always willing to challenge myself to push my work to the next level. 


Check out some of the many project I've been working on

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